Bobcat is expert at designing, engineering and manufacturing the tough compact equipment you rely on. With BobCARE PM planned maintenance and PROTECTION PLUS Extended Warranty, you can benefit from our expertise for the full lifetime of your machine.

As you focus on your daily job, the last thing you need is to be distracted by the demands of equipment servicing procedures. Add to that your desire to reduce the financial risk of unexpected repair costs due to improper maintenance, and we have the answer for you.


Bobcat’s factory-advised and scheduled inspection, service and maintenance program that safeguards your assets and increases your productivity.

Maintaining your machine fleet’s productivity during the entire project run requires regular inspections and certified maintenance service. Your Bobcat dealer’s BobCARE PM program is factory-designed and customized to your needs, so that your maintenance is planned and scheduled in advance.

What is BobCARE PM?


Your BobCARE PM contract assures you that your machines will receive the best service and maintenance care − after all, it’s defined by the Bobcat factory that designed and produced your machines.


Depending on your particular fleet’s needs and workload, the service can be scheduled at monthly, quarterly or annual intervals. And the service is performed where it is most convenient for you: in-house or at your dealer’s site.


The regular inspections are undertaken by Bobcat trained and certified mechanics using Bobcat Checklist know-how. These inspections include verifying the correct functioning of all safety features and systems and spotting potential wear-outs, so that you are sure your machine will perform its activities safely.


The BobCARE PM regular certified maintenance uses 100% Genuine Parts − their unrivalled design, quality and durability ensure minimum downtime and keep your machines performing optimally. BobCARE PM also protects your equipment investments and potential resale value by keeping your machines in premium condition.

Extended warranty for extended sense of security and full confidence in repair quality thanks to certified mechanics and Bobcat Genuine Spare Parts and materials.

Safeguarding your business-critical machines with PROTECTION PLUS® is an important part of that strategy. This warranty plan offers a high level of protection beyond the standard warranty. And because it’s transferrable, it will likely increase your machine’s resale value.



To minimize your repair costs in the future, you can protect your Bobcat machine with additional warranty coverage. If machine issues do occur, you know in advance that you are covered.


By providing a comfortable shield of protection against repairs due to defects in materials or workmanship, PROTECTION PLUS greatly decreases your exposure to financial risk.


With PROTECTION PLUS, you can rely on the standard claims procedures and processes that eased repairs during the standard warranty period.


Resale value is kept high thanks to high-quality repairs and the ability to transfer the PROTECTION PLUS warranty to a new owner. PROTECTION PLUS also tells a prospective buyer that your machine has received superior care and maintenance.


The PROTECTION PLUS extended warranty is fully backed by Bobcat to ensure you’ll be as confident as we are in our products. It includes factory-backed Genuine Parts and labour by certified mechanics, and it’s honoured at all authorized Bobcat dealers.