Bobcat Light Compactors – Reversible plates

Reversible vibratory plates are suitable for jobs related to civil engineering and road construction. They can easily compact all ground materials, such as sand, gravel, crushed stone, concrete, or sett paving. All Bobcat reversible plates operate with a twin-shaft system, enabling change of direction during compaction. The twin-shaft technology also results in dual weight – thus better compaction force. Hydrostatic steering controls guarantee ease-of-operation and quick change in compaction direction. Machine weight ranges from 109 to 490 kilos.


Product Range:

RP22.40, RP22.40D, RP25.40D, RP25.50D

  • Weighing between 109 and 146 kilos, equipped with working plates in widths of 380 mm up to 500 mm, these plates are the perfect partner for tight spaces and small job sites
  • Optional water kits are available for asphalt application
  • Optional paving pads for paving stones and other sensitive materials

RP30.50, RP30.50D, RP30.60. RP30.60D

  • Compact design with added productivity thanks to the 500-600 mm plate width
  • Working speed varies between 26 and 29 meters/minute (depending on application and compaction material)*

RP40.60, RP40.60D

  • Equipped with 600 mm working width, these plates ensure maximum efficiency on any job site
  • Petrol and diesel engine options
  • Thanks to 42 kN of impact force, these machines can easily compact asphalt up to 10 cm thick, or other surfaces up to 50 cm of maximum depth

RP49.20D, RP59.20D

  • Mechanical plate extensions available (75 or 150 mm)
  • Robust engine cover protects against water, dirt and potential damage
  • Optional compaction measurement system available to monitor the level of compaction, and thus reduce the number of passes – saving time and money

Model Specifications:

RP22.40D RP22.40 RP25.40D RP25.50D RP30.50D RP30.60D
Weight 118 kg 100 kg 135 kg 135 kg 215 kg 215 kg
Working width 400 mm 400 mm 380 mm 500 mm 500 mm 600 mm
Engine Hatz 1b20 Honda GX 160 Hatz 1B20 Hatz 1B20 Hatz 1B30 Hatz 1B30
Centrifugal force 23 kN 23 kN 25 kN 25 kN 32 kN 32 kN
Frequency 98 Hz 98 Hz 95 Hz 95 Hz 90 Hz 90 Hz
RP30.50 RP30.60 RP40.60D RP40.60 RP49.20D RP59.20D
Weight 199 kg 199 kg 269 kg 263 kg 424 kg 440 kg
Working width 500 mm 600 mm 600 mm 600 mm 450/600/750 mm 450/600/750 mm
Engine Honda GX 270 Honda GX 270 Hatz 1B30 Honda GX 270 Hatz 1B40 Hatz 1B40
Centrifugal force 32 kN 32 kN 42 kN 42 kN 49 kN 59 kN
Frequency 90 Hz 90 Hz 65 Hz 65 Hz 65 Hz 65 Hz

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