Product Overview – Mecalac / 12MTX

Innovation moves mountains; it makes the world turn. We will never stop coming up with new features, striving to improve our current technology and adapting to changing realities and constraints faced; we will excel. Innovation lies at the very core of what our company stands for.

The 12MTX could be considered Mecalac’s calling card: innovation, technology, choice of materials and mechanical intelligence are at the forefront of our design in an attempt to continuously improve our products and provide solutions to the constantly evolving needs of our customers. Where the Mecalac 12MTX on wheels preserves the core yet ground-breaking features which have made the base concept such a success, it can now offer various improvements for even better ergonomics, safety, flexibility, functionality, and reactivity. For both urban and suburban environments, as well as the individual demands of your work site, the 12MTX guarantees maximum profitability thanks to its unprecedented performance and simplicity of use, ushering in a new generation of compact, versatile equipment for the construction sector


Total operating weight 9700 kg (21,384 lb)
Overall width 2383 mm (7’8”)
Tail swing radius 1385 mm (4’5”)
Turning width 2710 mm (8’9”)
Travel speed 32 km/h (19.9 mph)
Engine power (kW/hp) 74 kW (100 hp – 99 imperial hp) (STAGE III B)
Engine Power (kW/hp) 85 kW (115 hp – 114 imperial hp) (STAGE IV)
Break-out force / Loader 6400 daN (14,390 lb)
Max. reach 7125 mm (23’4”)
Max. depth 4100 mm (13’4”)
Tear-out force / Excavator 3400 daN (7,640 lbf)
Break-out force / Excavator 6150 daN (13,820 lbf)
+ and – with forks + 6000 mm (+19’8”) / – 3700 mm (-12’1”)

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