BRAND NEW Shield Technology!



Fitted on all of our new Mecalac dumpers is the NEW Mecalac Shield Technology.

For the driver’s and the vehicle’s safety and protection, this is software with several features to enhance your experience with each and every new Mecalac dumper you purchase from us.

  • Seatbelt Warning – Starting or driving will be prevented if the driver is sat on the seat without the seatbelt fastened.
  • Regulatory Speed Limiter – Maximum speed set at the factory for regulation purposes with no ability to adjust.
  • Handbrake Neutral Warning – Displays a warning if the operator leaves the seat without applying the handbrake or leaving the machine in neutral.
  • Idle Shut-off – Shuts off the engine if idle time reaches 15minutes.
  • Stop-Start System – Mecalac system used to stop the machine when the operator leaves the seat and restart when they return.
  • Auto Park Brake Test – Will alert the operator after 50 hours that a handbrake test is required. The engine will de-rate until the handbrake is adjusted and re-tested if the test fails.
  • Service Warning – Provides an alert to the operator at ‘key on’ after 400 hours that a service is due soon. At 500 hours a different warning will display to show that the service is due. Until the service is carried out and system reset at 600 hours, the engine will de-rate.
  • SHIELD PRO App – Using the SHIELD Pro App the speed limiter and idle shut-off can be adjusted by the operator.
  • Tilt Warning & Limiter – If the machine angle exceeds the safe working angle specified within the Operators Manual the machine’s engine RPM will be limited until a safe angle is reached again.
  • Fuel Loss Indicator – Displays a warning if the fuel level of the machine drops by approximately a 1/4 between the last ignition off and the next ignition on.
  • Adjustable Speed Limiter – Machine speed limiter that is adjustable using the SHIELD App.
  • and many more

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