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Overview – CAT 906M Wheel Loader

The CAT 906M Wheel Loader is a low cab machine provides access to more areas on site and applications allowing for low entry machines. It is designed with simplicity and cost effectiveness in mind while still delivering great all-round performance to work in a wide range of applications.

  • 0.9 m3 (1.2 yd3) operating capacity
  • Great for rental fleets
  • Low height over cab
  • 18″ rim size

Parallel Lift Loader Linkage

The Cat Optimized Z-bar Loader combines the digging efficiency of a traditional Z-bar with tool carrying capabilities for great performance and versatility.

  • Parallel lift and high tilt forces throughout the working range help you safely and confidently handle loads with precise control.
  • Linkage features excellent visibility to the bucket cutting edge and fork tips.

Easy To Use Instrument Panel and Display

The front console provides easy access to vital machine information, along with lights and ECO mode switches. ECO mode saves fuel and reduces engine wear with an engine speed control. The right hand console holds secondary functions beyond the all-in-one joystick controller.

  • New soft touch keypad on the right hand console contains new electronic functions and settings including Implement Modulation, Hystat Aggressiveness, Ride Control, Return To Dig, Engine Speed Control and Rimpull Control.
  • LCD read out for: travel speed, engine speed, speed range selection, hydraulic oil temperature, service hour meter, engine coolant temperature, and fuel level.
  • Indicators: diesel particulate filter, starting aid, engine, electrical, parking brake, directional turn signals, brakes, high beams, action required notice, continuous flow, hydraulic filter bypass, bucket float, creeper, directional F/N/R.


The Cat C3.3B turbo engine provides cleaner, quieter operation while delivering superior performance and durability. The engine also features:

  • The Cat C3.3B Tier 4 Final/Stage IIIB uses an active regeneration system which requires no operator interaction under normal conditions.
  • Automatic, electronic, self-priming fuel pump encourages good maintenance practice. At the service interval, simply install a clean, dry filter element and then turn the ignition key to ON.
  • The easily accessible diesel particulate filter has a minimum 3,000 hour cleaning service interval. The on-board monitor will advise when diesel ash cleaning service is needed.
  • Focused on fuel efficiency, significantly reducing owning and operating costs.


  • The Hystat Aggressiveness feature allows the operator to increase the directional shift responsiveness for faster loading cycles, or adjust for finer control for sensitive tasks such as moving heavy pallets.
  • Rimpull Control feature enables the operator to match available tractive power to underfoot conditions, helping reduce tire wear.
  • Creeper Control precisely adjusts the machine ground speed when using work tools such as brooms and snow blowers.
  • Electronic Engine Speed Control feature allows you to maintain constant engine RPM regardless of travel speed.
  • Thus, pairing Creeper Control and Engine Speed Control, the operator can easily control the hydraulic power going to the work tool, while optimizing ground speed for best operation.
  • Three speed ranges ensure maximum controllability for any task.

Hydraulic System

M Series machines feature a new electro-hydraulic control system, which allows the operator the ability to fine tune the machine based on the application and operator preference.

  • The new electronic joystick operation is finely tuned for smooth operation, yet fast cycle times.
  • The Implement Modulation feature provides three settings for faster, more responsive hydraulics for repetitive tasks like truck loading. Or, this feature can adjust for smoother hydraulics needed with heavy fork loads or more restrictive areas.
  • An electronic Return To Dig feature levels the bucket as the loader comes down after dumping. This speeds cycle times by letting the operator focus on the next dig point rather than setting the bucket position.
  • The third function auxiliary hydraulics can be set for Continuous Flow when using hydro-mechanical work tools.
  • Ride Control is available to smooth the ride, keep the tires in contact with the ground and maximize material retention.


The Cat® 906M delivers high performance with outstanding versatility. Spacious cab with joystick control keeps you comfortable throughout the work day, allowing you to get more done. Loader design delivers strength and durability with superior control.


Net Power 51.0 kW
Rated Net Power @ 2,500 rpm – SAE J1349 51.0 kW
Engine Model Cat C3.3B DIT*
Maximum Gross Power – ISO 14396 55.0 kW
Maximum Gross Power – SAE J1995 55.0 kW
Maximum Net Power – ISO 9249 52.0 kW
Maximum Net Power – SAE J1349 51.0 kW
Note *Meets U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final/EU Stage IIIB (M Series) or Tier 4 Interim/Stage IIIA (M Series [EUSO]) emission standards.


Operating Weight 5600.0 kg
Note Machine with full fuel tank, ROPS/FOPS cab, 80 kg (176 lb) operator, skid steer loader coupler and general purpose bucket.