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Overview – CAT 432F Backhoe Loader

The CAT 432F Backhoe Loader is designed to exceed customer expectations with more performance, versatility and comfort than ever before. The next generation F Series Backhoe Loader continues the design tradition and innovations of the Cat brand. Developed with over 25 years experience, and in its sixth-generation, the F Series is setting new standards.

Lower operating costs, improved weight distribution, optional lock-up torque converter and a choice of transmissions reduce travel and task time for maximum efficiency and productivity.

The 432F cab is designed with today’s operator in mind. The design provides maximum comfort, ease of operation and with modern styling, meets the requirements of today’s demanding operator. The design incorporates curved glass for improved interior space and visibility. A wide cab provides a spacious environment for better performance when turning the seat from one mode of operation to the other. Cab comfort is enhanced with the first-class Cat air suspension seat, reducing fatigue.

An easy to open single piece rear window provides the operator with excellent ventilation and superb visibility. The rear wiper easily cleans a large area of the rear screen to ensure excellent visibility of the working area when working in wet or dusty conditions.

Excavator style joystick controls provide smooth modulation and are ergonomically designed for low effort control maximizing operator comfort. The location of the controls naturally positions the operator in to the most comfortable of operating positions. Proportional controls in both the loader and the excavator hoe joysticks give precise control of loader and excavator work tools and extendible stick.

Other features such as remote stabilizer controls, large adjustable vents throughout the cab, and clear gauges provide the operator with a comfortable operating environment designed to reduce operator fatigue and increase productivity.

Loader Performance

Designed with performance in mind, the 432F has higher breakout forces, load over height and reach, making life easier for you when truck loading or shoveling. Parallel Lift Loader arms offer self-leveling as standard, providing safe lifting of any palletized load. Versatility is enhanced with the choice of a General Purpose or Multi Purpose bucket, and visibility is excellent, the lower hood line enabling a clear line of sight to the top of the bucket.

Ride Control

The Cat proven Ride Control system is an option designed to reduce machine pitching and bouncing giving operators a smooth ride in all applications, including load and carry, roading, or simply moving around the job site. The system is engaged by a switch on the front console.

Return to Dig

The 432F is equipped with a Return-to-Dig system, as standard. This system reduces loading cycle times by bringing the loader bucket back to the dig position automatically when lowering the arms. By the time the loader arms have been lowered to ground level, the bucket is in the correct position ready for the next load.

Hydraulic Loader Quick Coupler

The 432F is available with an optional loader quick coupler, allowing greater loader versatility with a wide range of Cat work tools increasing machine utilization on any work site.

Multi Position Joystick Pods

The joysticks are pod-mounted, with two location positions. This allows the operator to remain comfortable in the seat, or move forward close to the rear of the machine for a clear view of the trench.

Pattern Selector

The pattern selector switch, located in the cab, lets you change from an excavator to a backhoe control pattern simply by pressing a button. This lets you select the pattern you are most comfortable with so you can be more productive.

Cat Air Suspension Seat

The major interface between the machine and the operator is optimal, and the Cat air suspension seat provides the operator with a comfortable working platform to ensure high levels of productivity with the minimum of fatigue.

Cab Air Filter

The 432F has an easy access cab air filter, situated within the right hand rear fender. The cab air intake is positioned high up to minimize dust intake into the air filter.

HVAC System

The 432F benefits from an optional, powerful air conditioning system, which provides good ventilation to the operator, ensuring the operator stays cool when working in warm temperatures. The ventilation system also provides plenty of demisting, defrosting and heating capability.

Work Lights

The 432F has adjustable front and rear work lights. This allows the operator to direct the light wherever needed, providing maximum illumination to the work area whatever the ambient light conditions.

Operator Station – Air suspension seat and ergonomic pilot operated joystick controls provide a comfortable working environment.

Service Access – Fully opening engine hood and hinged cooling pack allow easy access for fluid checks and grouped fill points provide one position to check all fluids.

Load Sensing Hydraulics – Ensures that the correct flow of oil reaches the implement cylinders, providing faster cycle times and greater control when operating multiple functions.

Superior Power – A larger torque converter delivers greater pushing power, increased aggressiveness in hard bank with faster roading and hill climbing.

Loader Performance – New front loader arms deliver more reach, dump height and breakout.

Excavator Style Boom – Enables easier truck loading. Powerful stick and bucket breakout forces produces high levels of productivity with the minimum of operator effort.

Versatility – A wide array of Cat® Work Tools lets you do more jobs with one machine. The Cat quick coupler allows you to work faster with quick and easy work tool changes.


The next generation F Series Backhoe Loader continues the design tradition and innovations of the Cat brand. Developed with over 25 years experience, and in its sixth-generation, the F Series is setting new standards. See your nearest Cat dealer today and try out The Next Generation of Backhoe Loaders from Caterpillar.



Power – Net 70.9 kW



Operating Weight – Nominal 7620.0 kg
Operating Weight – Maximum 10817.0 kg
Air Conditioning 39.0 kg
Auto-Shift 27.0 kg
Counterweights – Heavy 485.0 kg
Counterweights – Light 115.0 kg
Counterweights – Medium 250.0 kg
Extendible Stick (Excludes Front Counterweight) 299.0 kg
Machine Weight (Range) 7620-10 817 kg (16,799-23,847 lb)
Minimum Counterweight Recommendations: Extendible Stick – General Purpose 485.0 kg
Minimum Counterweight Recommendations: Extendible Stick – Multi Purpose 115.0 kg
Minimum Counterweight Recommendations: Standard Stick – General Purpose 250.0 kg
Minimum Counterweight Recommendations: Standard Stick – Multi Purpose None
Multi Purpose Bucket 1.03 m3
Multi Purpose Bucket – with Fold-Over Forks 842.0 kg
Multi Purpose Bucket – without Fold-Over Forks 611.0 kg
Operating Weight 8973.0 kg
Ride Control 25.0 kg